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I am sayin this again bcause alot of ppl on here r NOT reading my bio/profile info...I DNT TAKE CREDIT FOR SUMONE ELSES WORK.. as i said bfor I ONLY COLOR BLACK N WHITE PICS.. i add MY OWN UNIQUE COLOR to each of the pics i color..i take NO CREDIT FOR ANY OF is a hobby nuthing more..i only do this bcause ive ben told by friends, coworkers, n family that my color scheme turns pics out great n it makes me feel gud wen im told that. i just lost my pldest brother to murder on 4-4-16 n my niece has ben missing for 3wks now..THIS IS THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME IN THE RITE PLACE IN MY MIND TO NOT GO INSANE..if this isnt understood nor accepted, then im srry, but im not gona stop wat i love doing..M.O.C. means MY OWN COLOR..i will NEVER take any type of credit for the pics i put color too..if this offends u, tell me what pic was urs i will get rid of it, or ill just go to another site, or lik ive always done was post on facebook n my other sites i post my colored pics too..those sites i post to also, I STILL TAKE NO CREDIT WATSOEVER FOR PICS IVE ADDED COLOR TO..if u have a problem msg me dnt b an a** n throw me under the bus in my comments u dnt no the reasons y i do this..aftr u read this if u feel same way...idk wat to tell only assumption wuld b is that ur selfish n only want credit for urself..js..
Heath Ledger's Joker
A pencil sketch of Heath Ledger as the Joker. :) (Smile) 
I had a lot of fun while sketching this piece. I found Heath Ledger's performance to be quite captivating in The Dark Knight. The Joker is one of my favourite characters in the DC universe (apart from Batman of one beats Batman, hahaha!). ;) (Wink) 
The hair was a bit of a challenge for me to sketch. I have to admit that I'm not so good at sketching hair. The rest was easy. This isn't a really difficult piece, as you can see. :D (Big Grin) 

Please give me points if you think I deserve it!…

"Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity. All it takes is a little push"--The Joker (The Dark Knight)

My instagram account username is cath_art_sis. Do give me a follow!La la la la 


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33, got 3 kids l, i work at subway 3yrs faithfully..(pittsburgh pa).. i love doodling with pics and adding my own color to the pictures!


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i really do appreciate it and hope you will enjoy my future worksParty
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ive noticed some of my linearts colored here, im not sure you even asked for permission but you MUST give credit for them when you post. thank you.
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all r welcome i no great artwork..i download the pics n i put my own coloring to them. i get tons of great responses
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